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How to I add mods to my server?

In this article we'll explain how to install mods onto your FiveM server.

Please note, this does require the use of an FTP program, such as FileZilla. More info on how to connect to your server's FTP using FileZilla can be found here:

For this demo, we'll be using the very popular vMenu trainer mod which can be found here:

First, download the mod from the pictured are on that that page as pictured below:

Create a folder using the FTP program in your server's mod directory called "vMenu" (Case sensitive) in the following folder: /server-data/resources/[gameplay]

It should look like the following:

Once in there, extract the files from the zip folder you downloaded and place them in that folder. It should look like this:

Next, navigate to your server in the Control Panel and go to Configuration Files then edit the server.cfg file

Add a line to start the resource as pictured below, then Save.

It's case sensitive to the folder name you just created. After you save the folder, restart the server and it should work!

If you have any troubles getting this going please reach out to our support team via support ticket or live chat!

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