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How to get started with txAdmin on your FiveM Server

Step 1: Creating a Server License Key

To get started with your FiveM server, you will need your license key and to access the server via txAdmin.

First, if you don't already have a license key, login to the keymaster service ( and go to New Server.

Once there, fill it out accordingly. The IP will need to be the IP from the server you just ordered. Do not include the port number (:30120 for example). Replace "" with the IP connection information from our control panel.

The IP will be located in this portion of the control panel:

Note: To access higher level slot counts and additional features, a higher tier membership of the Element Club is required.

It should look like this:

Once created, you should get your key as pictured below:

Copy that key, then login to the control panel.

Step 2: Logging into txAdmin and Configuring your Server

Once in the control panel, navigate to your server. It should look like the image below:

First, click Web Console. Once there, it should display a PIN number for configuring your server:

Then, click "Login to txAdmin" on the left menu. Once on that page, you'll need to type your PIN number and it will then let you create a control panel admin account.

  • txAdmin is an auxiliary control panel that lays on top of the regular TCAdmin v2 control panel that's pictured above. txAdmin includes additional tools when setting up your server that many customers requested, so we added it upon popular demand.

Once linked, it will have you go through some steps such as linking your account and creating a backup login password.

After those steps are done, you should be reached with the following screen:

As you go through, it will ask for various settings that you want on your server. This is all up to you.

When asked about what recipe you want, that's entirely up to you, but most users will want a popular recipe.

From there, you can pick a regular FiveM server, or an RPG based server like QBCore that you can later customize with more plugins.

** Note, ESX Legacy has had issues lately. Use at your own risk.

The data location can remain as-is:

Complete through that, and you can proceed to the recipe:

After the first page, you will need to imput your pre-existing license key or the one you generated in the keymaster at the beginning of this guide:

After that, you will have a chance to modify any settings you want to in your server configuration file. Then click Save & Run Server!

** Note: Your slots will need to be specified to be in accordance with the slot count purchased with ChicagoServers and within the slot limits of your license key.


The server port number can be obtained from the TCAdmin v2 Control Panel, as pictured below:

It will resemble something like 30120 and be after the colon following the IP address.

Miscellaneous - MySQL Database (Not always required)

Some plugins will need a MySQL database to store external data at. ChicagoServers offers one free complimentary database per service you have with us!

To create one, login to the TCAdmin v2 Control Panel and click MySQL Manager on the left menu, or click HERE.

Once there, on the right side, type in a database name of your choosing, the selected service it's for, and click Create.

Once done, you will be shown the database's information that is required for the plugin that you are using:

Note: When entering in database connection information, the "host" is always and the port is always 3306.


If you have any questions along the way, our helpful team is available via live chat and support ticket to help get you up and running!

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