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Can I run a custom .JAR file on my Minecraft server?

Yes, absolutely!

We allow any mod you wish to run on your Minecraft server.

Overwriting the default JAR File

In order to run a custom jar file, download the jar from whatever mod site you want. Save it to your computer and rename it minecraft_server.jar

Then, you can upload it to your server using the File Manager within the control panel as pictured below, or Using FTP (See: How to Connect to my Server's FTP).

Then restart your server and the new .jar file will take effect!

Setting a different JAR file to be launched

If you want, you can upload a separate JAR file and leave the default one alone. All you need to do after is create a custom commandline to launch it.

The below steps illustrate the process for creating a custom commandline.

Login to your control panel, then Commandline Manager > Custom Commandlines > New

There, you will be able to enter a description for the commandline. A dropdown will show all available JAR files that you can set as the one that is launched when your server starts.

Important: After you create the commandline, you will need to press Select in order to activate it. It will then become bold in the list of commandlines indicating it is the active one.

* If you have any issues getting a mod you want installed, our team can help out! Just open a support ticket or use the live chat bubble in the control panel!

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