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How to install CurseForge Mods onto your Minecraft Server

Installing Forge Modpacks (Option 1: Auto Installer)

Step 1. Login to the control panel at and navigate to your server, then go to the Minecraft Modpacks tab as pictured in the above video ^

NOTE: If you just wanted the base framework of Forge installed on your server, you can do so under the Minecraft Modpacks section in your control panel. The video shows the process to install a particular modpack and the Forge framework.

Installing Forge (Option 2: Manual Upload Method)

* This method is possible, but is redundant unless you really want to get manual with things. We recommend installing the pre-packaged forge versions under the Minecraft Modpacks menu option in the control panel, which also handles the commandline aspect of it.

Note: In this tutorial we'll be transferring files to your server using an FTP program. If you aren't already familiar with FTP, we recommend reading this article first:

* First you need to install Forge using one of the two following methods, then you need to tell the server to launch using a Forge .jar file (Second half of tutorial)

In this tutorial, we will be installing Forge on your Minecraft server.

Step 1. Go to, find your desired version of Forge, and download the installer and universal .jar file.

Step 2. Run the installer, select “Install Server”, select an empty directory, and click “OK”.

* You may want to create a temporary folder on your desktop to download the files at so they are easy to retrieve.

Step 3. Install the Forge server to your Desktop or a folder on your desktop. Then, connect to your server's FTP and drag the files to your server's root directory.

Setting the server to use Forge (Part 2)

Step 5. Login to your server's Control Panel and navigate to Commandline Manager

Once there, make a new commandline and select the forge jar file:

** Once the commandline is created, make sure you press SELECT next to it to activate it!

Start your server and you should now be on Forge!

If you have any troubles during this process our staff team is standing by to help!

Installing Forge Basic Mods

Forge mods can be downloaded from the CurseForge Mods website.

Download the .jar files from the mod page and then upload them to the mods folder on your server using the file manager in the Control Panel.

Restart your server and it should be active!


If you have any troubles, our support team is happy to help!

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