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How do I add myself as an OP/Admin on my Minecraft server?


To add yourself as an admin/op (operator) in Minecraft servers, this is done simply by running a console command within the server. If you want to add individual permissions for certain players/groups, you will need a plugin such as PermissionsEx, which is compatible with Spigot, Bukkit, and Paper.

How to set and remove OP

How Give Operator in your Minecraft Server:

  1. Login to the Game Server Control Panel
  2. Navigate to your server and go to the Web Console
    1. This allows you to enter console commands directly on the server. No need for a slash mark (/) before commands.
  3. Type "op YOURMCUSERNAME" without quotes as pictured below:

  How to un-OP someone on your Minecraft server

  1. Head to the game panel and to the left click on the console tab.
  2. In the command line type “deop (Username)” and press enter.
  3. You should see a message that says “Player is no longer an operator”.
  4. You can also do this in-game by typing “/deop (Username)”. You will need to be opped in order to use this command.

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