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The Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 uMod (Oxide) Mod System Plugins for Rust


Rust, the popular multiplayer survival game, owes much of its diverse and immersive gameplay experience to uMod, formerly known as Oxide. This modding framework has given rise to a plethora of plugins that enhance gameplay, add new features, and create unique experiences. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 uMod plugins for Rust, each contributing to the game's excitement and variety. These plugins not only enhance the gameplay but also provide an opportunity for server hosts to attract new players and engage existing ones.

Did You Know:

ChicagoServers has a built-in uMod plugin installer right in the control panel? It's true! Installing your favorite plugins has never been easier and you can search for them directly within the control panel.

View our detailed guide including photos on how to install umod plugins onto your server here:

1. Rust:IO - Mapping and Information Plugin

Rust:IO can be installed directly within the ChicagoServers Control Panel under the 'Updates' tab.

Rust:IO is a must-have plugin that offers interactive maps, player tracking, and real-time data synchronization. Server admins and players alike benefit from its intuitive interface, which provides valuable information about monuments, player locations, and even ongoing events.

2. Gather Manager - Resource Collection Control

Gather Manager allows server administrators to fine-tune the resource gathering rates, balancing the economy and pacing of the game. This plugin gives server owners the flexibility to customize resource collection according to their players' preferences.

3. Kits - Starter Gear and Loadouts

Rust Kits

Kits offer players the ability to start with predefined gear and items, enabling a quick entry into the action-packed world of Rust. Server operators can create various kits tailored to different playstyles, fostering diversity and competitiveness.

4. QuickSmelt - Accelerated Smelting Process

Quick Smelt

QuickSmelt significantly speeds up the smelting process, allowing players to spend less time waiting and more time adventuring. This plugin is a favorite among Rust players as it enhances the game's pacing and resource management.

5. BetterLoot - Enhanced Loot Tables

Better Loot

BetterLoot tweaks the loot tables in Rust, providing a more rewarding and dynamic looting experience. It introduces variety and excitement into resource gathering, catering to both casual and hardcore players.

6. Vanish Plugin

Vanish Plugin

Vanish allows players with permission to become completely invisible. Players, turrets, helicopters, NPCs, etc. will not be able to see, hear, or touch you! While vanished, you can hear players but they will be unable to hear you. You are invisible to them and essentially do not exist to them. Even if they walk right through you they DO NOT know of your existence. With the exception of you making sounds such as shooting a gun, they will hear the bullet - hit effect.

7. Trade - In-Game Item Exchange

Trade Plugin

Trade simplifies the process of exchanging items between players, making the virtual marketplace more accessible. It encourages player interaction, trade, and cooperation, enhancing the overall social experience.

8. Backpacks

Backpacks Plugin

Allows players to have backpacks that provide them with extra inventory space.

  • Customizable capacity per player (using permissions)
  • Option to drop or erase backpack contents on death
  • Option to clear backpack contents on map wipe
  • Optional item restrictions
  • Optional GUI button to access the backpack
  • Optionally auto gather newly acquired items into your backpack
  • Optionally auto retrieve items from your backpack for crafting, building, etc.

9. Info Panel (Custom HUD)

Info Panel (Custom HUD) plugin

GUI panel with in-game clock, online players, sleepers and custom messages, etc.


  • In-Game / Server Time.
  • Online Player counter
  • Sleeper Counter
  • Message box
  • Airdrop alert
  • Helicopter alert
  • Radiation alert
  • Coordinates
  • Full Customization
  • Custom Panels: Simple text and Icon
  • Api

10. Admin Panel

Admin Panel Plugin

Admin Panel provides a small, clickable GUI admin panel with command buttons tied to players in the "admin" group or those with the permission.

When an admin wakes up, the panel is loaded with the buttons next to your player's health information. You can access these buttons by opening your chat and then the buttons will be clickable. You can also use the optional, manually set hotkey shortcut method described in a section below.

Conclusion: uMod plugins have transformed Rust into a versatile and engaging gaming experience, offering endless possibilities for both players and server administrators. By incorporating these top 10 plugins, server hosts can attract new players, keep the existing community engaged, and create a unique Rust experience that stands out in the competitive world of online gaming. Whether it's dynamic loot tables, enhanced social interaction, or accelerated gameplay mechanics, uMod plugins continue to shape the way we enjoy Rust.

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