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How to connect with RustAdmin

RCON (remote control) is a protocol to manage server/send commands remotely (without being connected in-game).

To do so you will need to use an rcon client, we recommend using RustAdmin:

- Login to the control panel at and navigate to your game server. You will need to obtain the connection information.
- Launch RustAdmin double clicking on RustAdmin.exe
- Go to the Configuration tab:

In the above picture, the server's IP, Game Port (28065), and RCON Port (28066) are selected. You will need these three sets of numbers in addition to your RCON password (Navigate to Commandline Manager if you forgot it)

In RustAdmin:

- Tick the WebRcon box for the RCON type.
- Fill the fileds IP with your server IP address, Server Port with your server port (the one used to connect in game), Rcon port with your server rcon port and Password with your server rcon password set in command line. 
- At the bottom of the page next to the Configuration field, select New configuration and click save then name your configuration. Give it a name.
- Finally click on Server in the top left menu then on Connect and you should be connected.

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