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How do I make my Rust Server hardcore mode?

To enable Hardcore mode for your Rust server, you'll need to create a custom commandline and select it.

First, login to the Control Panel at

Then, navigate to Commandline Manager > Custom Commandlines > New

A screen identical to what is shown above will appear. The check boxes determine what arguments will be added to your commandline.

  • At a minimum, you will want Description, RCON Password, Gamemode, Identity (save directory name), Map, Worldsize, and Seed filled out. (Custom world URLs for advanced users should uncheck world size and world seed).

By default, the gamemode will be "vanilla". Clear that and type "hardcore" as pictured above to enable hardcore mode.

Save the commandline.

Once it's saved, you will still need to select it. On the next page that lists the commandlines, you will see "Select" next to the commandline you just built. Click that and your server will restart and the changes will take effect.

It will look something like the following:

(This one shows Vanilla, but yours should show hardcore following the above changes).

If you have any issues along the way feel free to contact our support team and we can assist with configuring hardcore mode!

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