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How do I update my Rust server after a game update?

Following a game update, your Rust server will need to be updated using the Steam Updater in the control panel. If you're running Oxide/uMod as well, you'll need to update that after each Steam update.

  1. Login to the Game Server Control Panel and navigate to your Rust server.
  2. Click Steam Updater. It will ask if you want to run the update. Click yes. This is the only way to download new files on Rust servers.
  3. Let the script run. Once done, it will say that the installation is complete. If any errors arise, contact support.
  4. The game is now up to date. If you want to continue with Oxide/uMod, continue to step 5.
  5. Click Updates on the left menu. Then, click Install next to uMod. That will pull the latest developmental branch (required for Linux servers, which we run) from the uMod website and extract the files onto your server.
    • NOTE: Sometimes uMod can be delayed with releasing updates for Rust releases. Click HERE to see when the latest version was pushed. If it was before the update was released, it's safe to bet that they have not updated it yet.

That's it! Your server should now be good to go.

Remember that if you want to run Oxide/uMod, you need to install that update after each run of the Steam Updater.

uMod Rust Page: uMod - Games - Rust

Rust Changelog: Changes — Rust (

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