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Can I schedule Oxide/uMod Plugin data to wipe?

Yes, you can manually trigger or schedule the wiping of Oxide plugin data files, and even folders if you want.

Simply login to the control panel and navigate to Oxide Plugin Data Wiper as pictured below.

  • If you only wish to delete a folder (Such as Backpacks), since the top file bar is mandatory, select a file within that folder, then you can type just Backpacks in the bottom box. This would avoid other data files from other plugins being deleted.
  • The bottom box is not required but can be used if desired.
    • If you wish to use it, type in the plugin's name within the /oxide/data/ folder only. Not the entire path to it. This box will only remove folders in the /oxide/data/ directory.
    • If you want to remove multiple, enter their names (case sensitive) with commas separating. Such as: AdminRadar,Backpacks
  • If you are wanting to schedule this script, navigate to the Scheduled Tasks menu option instead, then select New, as depicted in the second image below.
  • You can create as many scheduled tasks as you want with different data files specified. This allows for greater flexibility with wipe schedules for only clearing certain plugin files at a time.


Scheduled Task Method:

Navigate to your Schedule Tasks menu item then click New > Oxide Plugin Data Wiper

You will then be presented with the above window and can configure it accordingly. For each file you want to schedule, create a new task.

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