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How can I make myself an Owner/Admin on my Rust Server?

Option 1: Using a WebRCON Console

You will need to connect to your server's console. Here are a couple of our recommendations for WebRCON clients: (Software) (Browser Based) (Browser Based)

You will also need your 64-bit Steam ID which can be found using

  1. Open one of the above sites and add your server. You will need your server's IP, Port, and RCON port, all of which are listed in your control panel.
    1. Below is an example of where to find this:
    2. The control panel also has a one click login method with a web RCON program, just click the following left menu item:
  2. Once you're in, go to the console and type the:

    ownerid “64_bit_steam_id” “optional_user_name” “optional_reason”

  3. Then enter into the console:


  4. Once this above commands have been run, the users added will need to log off and back on to the server to be granted their new roles. Inside your users.cfg file, you may not see the new entries until the server has been stopped and restarted.


Option 2: How to add RUST admins when the server is offline

  1. You will need direct FTP or file system access to your game server. Use whichever method you are most comfortable with.
    1. The control panel's built-in File Manager will work perfectly for this.
  2. Connect to the game server’s FTP or file system and navigate to the following folder:


  3. Open or create a new file with the following name and extension:


  4. For each user that you want to assign the owner admin role to, you will need their 64 bit Steam ID. You can use a great service called, SteamID I/O to find the corresponding ID. Simply input the role, 64 bit Steam ID, steam name (optional), reason (optional).
  5. Enter the following line, on a separate line, for each player you want to assign the owner admin role:

    ownerid “64_bit_steam_id” “optional_user_name” “optional_reason”

  6. If you want to add a moderator roles, you will follow the same steps above, but instead enter the following role:

    moderatorid “64_bit_steam_id” “optional_name” “optional_reason”

  7. You will then need to restart your game server in order for the changes to take effect.

Once you have set the owner admin or moderator roles in RUST’s “user.cfg” file, those users will have access to admin commands on that server. If you’re looking to remove rust admins remove the owner admin or moderator roles while the server is offline, you will need to perform the reverse operation. Find and remove the respective entry in the “user.cfg” file, then restart your server.

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