How do I make my Rust server private?

Option 1: Steam Whitelisting

Add the following line to your server.cfg:

server.steamgroup <steam group id>

This will restrict your server to players in that Steam group.

Option 2: Using an Oxide plugin

Installation process

First, you need to install the plugin, you can download the files from here. Next up, download and install Authentication.cs and put it in the 'plugins' folder so that it can be loaded on to the server.

Next up, we want to go to the f1 console or the webRcon utility. In there we type 'auth password [new password]' Note: Make sure not to include the example brackets in your commands!


So now that the plugin has been successfully set up and installed, it's time to do some configuration. The file can be found under oxide/config and is called Authentication.json. Open that file.

Inside of Authentication.json, you should see this:

  "ENABLED": true,
  "PASSWORD": "changeme",
  "PREVENT_CHAT": true,
  "RETRIES": 0,
  "TIMEOUT": 30

In here you change the settings of your server.

Enable/disable this plugin. Takes value true, or false
The configured password, this value needs to be surrounded in quotations and can be set to anything
Prevents users in the server from telling newly joined users the password by replacing it with *'s. Takes value true, or false
The number of times a player can guess the password before being kicked from the game
The amount of time a user has to enter the correct password before getting kicked


Now after this is done, restart the server, and you're done with installation and configuration.

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