What cheat/admin commands can I use?

Entering Admin/Cheat Commands Manually

The entire list of ARK: Survival Evolved console commands can be found on their wiki, at https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands

The wiki describes what the command does, and what "arguments" it needs to work correctly. Want to ban someone from your server? The game needs the PlayerID to make sure it kicking the correct person off.

You can enter them directly into the console bar, just use the syntax and arguments shown in the Wiki. Many of the commands on the Wiki show upper case letters in them, that is mostly to make them easier to read. You can type them all entirely in lowercase.

Many admin commands require you to type admincheat, or just the short version of cheat, in front of many commands for them to work correctly. Like "cheat fly" will let you fly, but typing just "fly" in the console does nothing.

The wiki will show you if a command needs to be have admincheat or cheat in front of it, on the description of each command. Just look for a "yes" next to the word "cheat".


ARK also has a GUI thats opens in the game, that provides a way to enter many commands by simply clicking on menu choices. These are the same exact commands shown in the Wiki, just some of them are named a little differently on ShowMyAdminManager.

You first have to have enabled cheats on your character (the game still needs to know you're authorized to use admin commands).

You can open the ADmin GUI by entering the following command (no admincheat or cheat needed before it) in the console bar:


And you will see it appear.

Even if you plan to use the showmyadminmanager GUI, it's still a good idea to check how the commands actually work on the wiki at https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands .
Some commands have hardcoded limits you can't change, and the Wiki will explain why they don't work when you enter certain values.

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