How to wipe player data or the world (Keep settings)

Using the Control Panel Wiper:
Step 1: Log into the control panel at
Step 2: Navigate to your server.
Step 3: Select Server Wiper
Step 4: Select the elements you want wiped, then click Execute
This process is as follows:
Step 1: Log into the control panel at
Step 2: View your game server.
Step 3: Stop the RUST server.
Step 4: Open the File Manager.
Step 5: Once in the file manager, navigate to the following folder: server/my_server_identity/.

To delete the player data only: Delete the Storage.db and UserPersistence.db files. This includes blueprints, inventories, positions, etc.
To delete the world data only: enter the 'save' directory (server/my_server_identity/save) and delete the saved map folders. The seed that you have selected will be the folder that you wish to delete (you can delete them all to be sure)
*To delete both the player and world data, you'd perform both of the two steps above.
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