How do I configure a custom map on my Rust server?

In order to configure a custom map on your server, you will need to first obtain the .map file and ensure that it is compatible with the latest version of the Rust server. This is up to you to determine/verify.

Once you have the .map file, upload it to Dropbox or another file hosting website, or directly on your group's website. NOTE: The file needs to be accessible from a direct download page, not a landing page that has a "download" button on it or something similar.

Navigate to your server in the control panel at

  1. Navigate to Commandline Manager
  2. Click Custom Commandlines
  3. Click New
  4. Configure the boxes as pictured above. You can set them to whatever you want
    1. Make sure server level and server seed are unchecked.
    2. For Server Identity, type in something new such as "customworld".
    3. The direct link to your .map file should be placed in Level URL.
    4. ** Server Level, Seed, and WorldSize must be un-checked and boxes left empty!
  5. Any box that has content in it, the boxes next to it need to be checked.
  6. Save the command line.

The page should now refresh. Click Select under the new custom commandline or the custom command line will not be the one that launches the server, as pictured below:

Your server should now restart automatically once the new commandline is selected.. If it doesn't, restart it. The map should now be present. It may take a bit for your server to come online because it has to generate several new files for the new map.


If you are using dropbox to host your .map file, you need to add ?dl=1 to the end of the URL

So, if your .map link is, then you need to put in the Level URL box.

The above only applies to Dropbox. A helpful way to test if the URL you are putting will work or not is to paste it into your URL bar in your web browser. If a file download initiates, it will work. If it brings you to a page and requires extra clicks to begin the file download, then the link you have is not the direct link to the file itself.

If needed, our support team can help with obtaining the correct URL to your file. Simply open a support ticket or message us on live chat!

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