How to connect to your server's FTP

Setting up Filezilla (Windows and Mac OS)

 Log into the server control panel at

2. Navigate to the server you want to access FTP of.

3. Now what you are looking for is the FTP info for that server. It will be in the format IP:PORT

* Make sure you specify the port of 8821 when connecting with the FTP program.

** This tutorial uses FileZilla as the FTP program. Any FTP program will be able to connect to the server. Download FileZilla Here.

4. Open up Filezilla and click the small Site Manager icon in the top left corner, or go to File > Site Manager in order to open up the Site Manager.


5. Click the New Site button in the Site Manager.


6. Now you just need to fill in the information as you saw previously. For Host name use the IP you acquired from FTP details, same goes for the Port. As far as the User name and Password simply use the same one you used to access the TCAdmin panel.


To connect simply press the Connect button.


7. Now you will be able to see your server’s files. (1) is the files on your computer, and (2) are the files on your server. If you happen to have more than one server and they happen to be on the same node, you will see a folder for each.



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