How can I install content (CS:S, etc.) onto my server?

In order to add content such as Counter-Strike onto your server, you will need to get the files downloaded and edit the mount.cfg file.

First, login to your game server control panel at

Navigate to your game server and click Updates.

Once there, select the game content you wish to install:

After that is done, the files will be on your server. Now you need to edit the mount.cfg file by going to File Manager > garrysmod > cfg > mount.cfg

Once that is open, remove the // lines in front of the line that you want to use.

// "tf" "C:\mytf2server\tf"

You will need to update the third line accordingly with your control panel username and game server ID. You can obtain your game server's ID by looking at your browser's URL bar.

For example, in this case, the server's ID would be 83.

Save the file and restart your server. The content should now be active.

NOTE: If you are on a dedicated IP, contact support and we'll provide you with the correct mounting paths since they are on their own file partition.

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