How can I change my ARK server map?

In order to change your ARK server map, you will need to first log into the control panel located at

Once there, you can select a premade commandline that will only change the map.

Or, you can create a custom commandline with additional parameters as pictured below. Select each checkbox for each field you want to become a part of the commandline.

Below is a list of common map names and the commandline name that must be specified (right side) for custom commandlines.

Map Name for dedicated servers
The Island TheIsland
The Center TheCenter
Scorched Earth ScorchedEarth_P
Ragnarok Ragnarok
Aberration Aberration_P
Extinction Extinction
Valguero Valguero_P
Genesis: Part 1 Genesis
Crystal Isles CrystalIsles
Genesis: Part 2 Gen2
Lost Island LostIsland
Fjordur Fjordur


Click save. Select that command line and your server will restart with your new parameters.

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