How to connect using Epic Store Version

Currently, there is a problem that connecting via the server list is not possible. Currently we are still waiting for the update from the developer of the game-client, which will fix the difficulty.

The server must not have a password!

Connect via in-game console

  • First, make sure that your server has the crossplay function enabled. Click below for more info on that
  • Start the game
  • Select local game and click on "SINGLE PLAYER"
  • Please create a character and wait for the spawn animation!
  • Now press the "TAB" key. The console will open at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now enter the following command "open SERVER-IP". Please enter your whole server IP with the port. (calculated without +1, just like the port is in the web interface)
  • By pressing Enter, you are now connected to the server. Make sure the server has no password.
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