How to install Oxide plugins on your server

Automatic Mod Installer

Step 1: Log into the control panel at

Then, find the plugin you want to install. For this demo we'll be using the Admin Chat plugin from

Step 2: Go to your server and find the following menu item and click on it:

Step 3: On the plugin's page, right-click on Download then left-click on Copy File or Link Address, as pictured below:

Step 3: In the control panel, paste the copied URL and then submit the script, as pictured below:


NOTE: You can install multiple plugins at the same time by pasting them one after another with only a space separating them. Do not use commas or return/enter to go down to the next line, or only the first one will download. Only place a single space between the URLs.


Step 3: Click Execute and you should receive the following screen:

If the script fails for whatever reason, try the manual process below. If you need help, please contact a support team member and we can assist!



Manual Process

First you will need to figure out what plugins you want to add to your server. Visit this link to view and search for Oxide plugins:
*Certain plugins are for certain games. If you have a Rust server, you should not be viewing 7 Days to Die plugins.

Once you find plugins you want, click the blue download button and you should have downloaded the .cs plugin file. You will now need to upload it to your server.
Step 1: Log into the control panel at
Step 2: Open the File Manager and navigate to the following directory: \oxide\plugins\ >. If this is not present, uninstall and re-install Oxide via the Mod Manager and start the server for it to be generated.
Step 3: Upload your plugin file to this directory via the Upload button at the top left of the file manager window.
* This can also be done via FTP. For more information on that, visit this article.
Then click Upload and select the .cs file you downloaded from
Step 4: Once the file(s) are uploaded, estart the server. This will generate configuration files for each plugin. You can edit them accordingly after the first restart in \oxide\configs\, then restart the server again for them to take effect. OR, type "oxide.reload *" in your server's console to re-read the config files.

*Note: We cannot and will not offer any guarantees that Oxide plugins will function as expected, nor can we offer support when it comes to their functionality or the effects that they may have on the Rust server, nor will we be held liable for any performance issues which are directly at the fault of these plugins or the Oxide system as a whole.
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