How can I backup my Rust server?

You can backup your server's maps and config files (excluding oxide plugin configs) with one click via our control panel. You can also schedule automatic daily backups using our Scheduler built into the control panel. The server is able to remain running while a backup is taken.

All you have to do is login to the control panel, navigate to your server, and click on Backup Server as pictured below:

The script will backup all of your world directories, map saves, blueprints, and everything else contained in the /server/ directory.

To make this a regularly scheduled event, you can go to Scheduled Tasks and create a new task. Select backup and the time frequency. Only one backup directory will be created per day. If you take a subsequent backup during the same day, the first one will be overwritten.

NOTE: If you re-install your server, the backup directory will get removed. If you are going to re-install your server, download the backups you want, if any, via FTP first, then trigger the re-install.

How to restore a saved backup:

The backups are saved in your server's root directory under /backups. They are sorted by date.

Download the necessary files you want via an FTP program. Stop your server then upload and overwrite them to your live world directory. Then start the server back up.

You can read more about using an FTP program here:

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