How to make your server whitelist (only certain players can join)

To set your server up as an exclusive join (whitelisted) server:
Step 1: Login to the control panel.
Step 2: First, open your Command Line Manager as pictured below:
Step 3: Create a new commandline with exclusivejoin selected. Make sure you also check the box for the map name that you want or it will not boot.
* The row of checkboxes on the left determine what settings are added to the startup commandline when you save it.
* After you click Save you need to click Select once the commandline has been created in order to make it active.
Step 4: Save the command line and click Select on the right hand side of the menu.
Step 5: Using the Configuration Files menu, open the PlayersExclusiveJoinList.txt file.
Step 6: Add the user Steam 64 IDs that you would like to be whitelisted, each ID being on their own line.
Step 7: Users can also be added to the whitelist in-game from the admin menu.

For Epic Games Players:

1. Go to the "ShooterGame/Saved/SavedArks" directory.
2. Copy the filenames of all the files with the ".arkprofile" extension. These are the IDs of the players who joined your server, converted into a numerical that is cross-platform compatible.
3. Paste these IDs into the whitelist section of the general server settings, Player-Whitelist (or Exclusive Join) sections of the configuration page.
4. Save the config and restart the server.
5. Re-enable password/exclusive join and have your players try to login.
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